First Peek

The FIRST PEEK reading series occurs every year in May or June, following an annual Writing Challenge put to participating playwrights during the month of February. 

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Many reading series plays have gone on to production and accolades:

Terence Anthony’s House of the Negro Insane was developed in the Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2019 and premiered in the Contemporary American Theater Festival in 2022.

Stephanie Alison Walker’s The Abuelas and Jennifer Maisel’s Eight Nights were produced by LA’s Antaeus Theatre Company in 2019.

Matt Schatz’s The Burdens was developed at the 2016 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference and premiered at City Theatre in Pittsburgh in 2019.

Stephanie Alison Walker’s The Abuelas was a winner of the Ashland New Play Festival and premiered in 2019 with Teatro Vista at Victory Gardens in Chicago.

Eric Loo’s Death and Cockroaches was produced by Chalk Rep Theatre in LA in 2018.

Marek Glinski’s Pigs & Chickens was produced in 2018 by Ensemble Studio Theatre/Los Angeles.

Stephanie Alison Walker’s The Madres received a 2018 rolling world premiere through the National New Play Network.

Deb Hiett’s The Super Variety Bonus Match Round! was produced by Rogue Machine Theatre in 2017.

Wendy Weiner’s Perpetual Girl was workshopped at Pioneer Theater Company’s Play-by-Play program in 2017.

Jennie Webb’s Currency was produced by Inkwell Theater in LA in 2016.

Dorothy Fortenberry’s Partners was featured at the 2014 Humana Festival.

Deros Bos’ Very Simple was workshopped at the Page 73 Productions 2012 Summer Residency at Yale.

Padraic Duffy’s Puzzler was produced by Sacred Fools Theater Company in 2011.

Jennifer Haley’s The Nether won the 2012 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, premiered  in 2013 with Center Theatre Group in LA, and continues with productions on London’s West End, off-Broadway, and around the world.