Playwrights Union Reading Festival May 18-19, 2013

The Playwrights Union invites you to our fourth Annual Reading Festival of New Work. All plays were drafted during our February Writing Challenge, and have been finished or re-written in the weeks leading up to the Festival. Come hear some of this brand new work by seven of our current members and join our reception on Saturday night at Son of Semele Ensemble!


Crazy Bitch by Jennie Webb
A play about genealogy and jellyfish and rogue taxidermy. In a world where unbelievable brutality happens, every day, three women find themselves suspended between the extraordinary and real life expectations. Directed by Jen Bloom.

The Plague by Jihan Crowther
After the death of their best friend, three 8th graders go on a mission to uncover the secret behind their town’s epidemic of suicides. Directed by Becca Wolff.

He Thinks I’m Amazing by Deron Bos
All the ladies want him, but SHE has him. A retail story of infidelity and sexual frustration at Pear, America’s premiere frozen yogurt store. Directed by Sarah Malkin.

72 Objects by Lolly Ward
A performance artist’s sign says, “There are 72 objects on the table that one can use on me as desired.” So they do. Their marriage will never be the same. Directed by Caitlin Hart.



Hatchlings by Eva Anderson
In a time where mankind lives in a sealed-off dome in the desert, a young woman named Jay seeks out her former lover, Vee. Will they reconnect, or be torn apart by the secret that Vee has uncovered? Directed by Jeffrey Wienckowski.

Quitter: A Comedy by Larry Pontius
Doug thinks he’s THE guy that throws the parties you remember. But when no one shows up at his block party, his finest party yet, his dream starts to unravel, and he makes the ultimate decision. A decision that freaks his wife and best friend out. Directed by Chuma Gault.

¡SOLDADERA! by Jami Brandli
The Mexican Revolution. A teenage girl with face blindness searches for her mother who left to become a revolutionary soldadera (female solider). As she uncovers secrets in the soliders camp, she discovers her own courage. Directed by Sara Wagner.

All Readings will take place at:

Son of Semele
3301 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
$5 suggested donation per reading

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