The 2017 reading series is JUNE 10-11 at VS. Theatre!

The Playwrights Union hosts its eight annual reading series of new work. These six original plays were drafted during a month-long writing challenge to our playwrights in February.

S A T U R D A Y,  J U N E 10

4:30pm CHOCOLATE by David Myers Even true lovers fight. Sometimes the biggest fights are over the smallest—and most delicious—things. A play about men, women, marriage, and sharing.

6pm MEDUSA’S SONG by Jami Brandli A modern-day reclaiming of the Medusa myth set on a college campus. The Golden Boy can run, but he can’t hide.

8pm FOOTPRINT by Jennie Webb Anna is suddenly having difficulties navigating her life in LA. Is it being without a car or stalled by a “Denver Boot of Sorrow?” And then there’s that body following her around.


S U N D A Y,  J U N E 11

2:30pm FLEDGLINGS by Brian James Polak It’s Y2K and five teenagers gather to celebrate the new year. As the sun rises after a night of heavy drinking, Heather is left with foggy memories and a sinking feeling something horrifying happened to her last night.

4:30pm THE ESCAPE THINGY by Deb Hiett Two very different couples meet in an Escape Room, each needing different types of escape. The clock is literally ticking as they attempt to solve the puzzles, navigate alternative facts, and weigh the risks of returning to the world outside.

6pm EIGHT NIGHTS by Jennifer Maisel 1949. A young refugee starting anew in the United States confronts the past that haunts her. Can she move forward without forgetting those she loved?

M A K E  A  R E S E R V A T I O N

VS. Theatre Company 5453 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019 | map

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