FIRST PEEK 2015: May 30-31 & June 6!

The Playwrights Union hosts its sixth annual FIRST PEEK reading series of new work at Moving Arts in Silver Lake. Come see the first public reading of these ten original plays, drafted during a month-long writing challenge to our participating playwrights this past February. 

S A T U R D A Y,  M A Y  3 0

3:00 PM FLIP ME by Steve Serpas

Leah, a Los Angeles real estate developer, sabotages yet another relationship and returns to her sex addictive ways. Then true love shows up in a surprising place.


When a 14-year-old genius and his younger sister grow tired of their overprotective mother and deadbeat uncle, he creates a miraculous invention to save them.

7:00 PM THE BURDENS by Matt Schatz

A comedy about two adult siblings who plot to murder a family member. Via text message.

9:00 PM Reception

S U N D A Y,  M A Y  3 1

3:00 PM THE MAID’S DAUGHTER by Jennifer Berry

A successful television executive and a new age zealot reunite at the funeral of a Mexican woman they both claim as a mother. After thirty years of estrangement, the battle is on as to whether blood is thicker than water.


Demi wanders into a Colonel’s Chicken restaurant, looking for easy comfort after being dumped by her boyfriend. But when invited to step beyond the Employees Only door, she finds another thing entirely.

7:00 PM THIS IS ONLY A TEST by Eric Reyes Loo

In the wake of Sandy Hook, Washington High is training Kramer and his classmates to fight back through a series of active shooter drills. However, the more prepared they are, the less safe they feel.

S A T U R D A Y,  J U N E  6

3:00 PM DEEPER by Josh Levine

When Malcolm, an openly gay Teacher of the Year, takes a stand to help a bullied high school student, he finds himself exposed in ways he never expected.

4:30 PM JILT by Jennie Webb

A play about power, beauty and justification set in a post-rape culture. Who do we blame when we’ve lost the words to deal with unspeakable crimes?

6:00 PM DIRTY by Stephanie Alison Walker

Buenos Aires, 1979. Two women search covertly for Belen, nine months pregnant and one of the many disappeared people in Argentina’s so-called “Dirty War.”

8:00 PM PIGS AND CHICKENS by Marek Glinski

Agile software development and arrested emotional development intertwine at a tech startup, where a technical writer is trying to answer a few simple questions — like what the hell to do with her life. 

M A K E  A  R E S E R V A T I O N

moving arts 1822 Hyperion Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 | map

Please factor parking into your travel time. Recommended areas: Hyperion (north of the theatre), metered parking that ends at 8 PM. Hyperions (south of Fountain), residential. Griffith Park Blvs (behind the the theatre), residential. Fernwood (across the street from the theatre), residential.

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